The End of Sorrow Cover.jpg

The End of Sorrow

by Latlaus Sky

Sara whispers into his ear. Her voice touches into him. Sam wonders why he should deserve such a gift. In the late August summer, the two finish building their house in the forest. In their gazes, in their walks together, in their long talks on the road, the two fall forever into each other. It is at this hopeful point, amid the fir trees where the music begins.

Chapter 1: The Dream

The crickets sing their August song and the stream rushes along through the open window. A gentle midnight breeze ruffles the curtains just slightly. Sam and Sara sleep side by side. Sam begins to dream. He sits in a vast and dark cathedral on his knees and praying. The air is damp and heavy. He wants to look up and beyond the hard benches but his eyes seem locked down on the ground staring at the heavy dark stones. There are words he cannot make out, there is singing in front of him. Finally he looks to the front and sees three cloaked monks with long rosaries wrapped around their wrists swaying in the darkness. They sing to him, calling out his name.

Sam, I wish we could tell you what we have seen. Be weary of the world; it comes in colors darker than these.

Sam feels that the words are his own. He is filled with fear and he looks anywhere for a way out. But he is trapped and listens in tears to the story they sing.

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