Pythian Drift Cover.jpg

Pythian Drift

by Latlaus Sky

July 30th 2590,

Returning to their base in the Leviathan Plains, clorantine miners on Neptune’s moon, Triton, noticed a faint blue glow out their portside window.

Tracing the light source, they found a small black craft frozen near the entrance to a lava cave. Rubidium dating puts the craft’s age at roughly 3.9 billion years old.

Dr. Amala Chandra has begun a dialogue with the craft’s inhabitant. It is able to communicate through subjective neural radiation recoil. In essence, it can both read one’s mind and transmit directly into consciousness itself.

Sub-neural scans of Dr. Chandra have allowed us to reconstruct the images imparted to her by the craft. They are often accompanied by a music that Dr. Chandra can feel but not hear. Our neural scanning systems have attempted record and reproduce her experiences.

The following are the images and sounds that have been reconstructed so far…


December 19th, 2592

Over time it became evident that the inhabitant would only communicate with Dr. Chandra. She would often spend entire days and nights alone with the craft. She began to refer to the inhabitant as Pythia. At this point, it became more difficult to verify Dr. Chandra’s experiences. Sub-neural scans of Dr. Chandra could no longer be rendered by our technology.

Over a period of three days in October of 2590 Dr. Chandra claimed to have received a series of visions from Pythia. She claimed that Pythia called these visions , “The Wheel.”

Immediately after these experiences, Dr. Chandra composed three pieces of music. She then formulated three Pastian equations. For the approach, entry, and passage through a rotating black hole. These solutions became known as “The White Papers” because they were so elegant that most of the pages were blank, white paper. The following music was composed by Dr. Chandra in the days just before writing the white papers.